Customer Satisfaction: Reporting Measured Results

We are happy to report that our all time customer satisfaction rating is 97% positive! We say this not to brag, but rather to highlight an important aspect of our business — our relationships with our customers. We value our customers, and their opinions, too. Without their input and honesty, we would not be able to […]

Empathy is Our Customer Acquisition Strategy

I have always considered myself a really good listener. I’m the kind of guy in touch with his emotional side. It has been an asset to my business and in my relationships with my customers, as well as in my personal life. But lately, I’ve been thinking that I need to go beyond listening and […]

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Superb Content: Know Your Audience … and Their Platforms

Recently, I attended a breakout session at a conference about how content can help or hurt one’s business. The speaker, an amiable guy and well known in this conference community for his marketer’s perspective and data-driven approach to building web sites, offered up some important points to the mostly business track audience of web designers […]

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Increase Online Conversions With a Call-to-Action

I’m sure by now most of you have heard of a “call-to-action.” How could you not? After all, it is all over the Internet, and, as your web developer and online partner, you have heard it from me, too. But what is a call-to-action really? Is it a catchy button on your web site that […]

The hidden costs of cheap web hosting

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Web Hosting

We believe that cheap web hosting is still a really bad idea, yet we continue to hear from some new or prospective customers why they want to stay with their cheap web hosting provider.

Why Building Your Own Web Site Is Often Bad for Business

Why Building Your Own Web Site Is Often Bad for Business

It happened to me again recently: A potential customer told me that he was “tech savvy” and wanted to build his business web site himself. He, like many small business owners I have encountered, seemed threatened by lack of budget or by someone else helping him with his business, or has been burned in the past by […]

repetition will ease the pain

Repetition Will Ease the Pain

If you have a website for your business, you should be using it as a tool to showcase what you do. Pick a topic, write a couple of paragraphs about it and then post it on your website. Blogging, posting, writing — whatever you call it, start doing it.