Display nearby places on a map in relation to your location

Nearby Places Restaurants

Massive Improvement Over A Text List of Places

PROBLEM: A text list doesn't convey location proximity like putting everything on a map.

SOLUTION: Category filter. Simply click on a category and the map will display all nearby locations for just that category. It's a slick way to provide useful interactivity on your website.

Each marker displays the address and driving directions with a simple click of a mouse.

map marker restaurant locater

Plugin Features and Support

Mobile-Friendly Design

Your nearby places map will look great on any device. We’ll display a mobile friendly version for smaller devices.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to the map, there is an option to display a text list of places with SEO schema below the map. High SEO value.

Nearby Places List

A text list can be displayed below the map to show all locations in a nice readable list. Easy driving directions with one click.

Lightning Fast

Map markers are loaded after the page is fully displayed to improve speed. Category filtering is display instantly.

Category Filter

Clicking on a category will instantly filter the nearby places map markers. Finding nearby places is a breeze.

Adding Nearby Places

Adding locations is a breeze with built in Google Maps autocomplete feature. Type and go. Move markers if needed.

Image Size and Quality

Any images uploaded for use will be determined by your website setup. We’ll display the best size for the map.

New Features

When new features are added to the plugin, they are included in your purchase plan at no additional charge.

Nearby Places WordPress Plugin

Nearby Places WordPress Map

 This product is billed yearly until cancelled. Your subscription will give you access to continuous support and product updates.


Lifetime License is available with a one time payment of $1,350.