Need more than just a web site? We turn ideas into applications that fuel your business.

We build sites with more advanced functionality, like membership sites, integrated content, and the need to connect with third party data or applications.

Boatyard Brewing On-Tap Kiosk

On Tap Kiosk

Beer is a beautiful thing. This simple and very effective strategy was to re-purpose the beer data already stored in the web site database. We just added a field to track the tap status and enabled an API to access the data outside of the web site. We're using a Wi-Fi connected Raspberry Pi to pull the data and display it on a large flat screen monitor.

Google Maps Web Application

Mapping Applications

We built a web application that talks to Salesforce and pulls down location data on the fly. We take that data and sort it by the visitors location and render everything on the map, centered on the visitors actual location.

  • Salesforce
  • Google Maps
  • WordPress
Membership Web Sites

Membership Sites

Organizations with members can offer a great member benefit to allow artists to showcase artwork and engage new members.

  • Custom Membership Features
  • Member Pages
  • WordPress

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