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Scot Rumery
President and Lead Developer

Scot is a passionate data guy, who cares about the online presence and automation of small businesses. He loves to build websites and web applications that are easy to use and affordable. He streamlines ideas and processes by turning them into efficient, effective online tools, so that business owners can manage their business, not their website.

When Scot is not writing code, he is a grill master, craft beer lover, and embraces all things soccer.

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Kim Kopec
Web Design and Support Lead

Kim is a keen right-brainer who specializes in communicating with creativity and simplicity. She is blessed with an eye for aesthetics, a gift for customer service, and a hunger to continually learn. Kim has over 25 years of experience in marketing, design and communications.

When Kim is not designing, she is kicking back with a book and a nice glass of wine, preferably outside where trees and birds abound.

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Stephen Harvey
Website Integrations and Support

With over 10 years working with businesses and the Internet, Stephen understands the benefits of excellent communication and interacting with people in order to grow a business, particularly through social media and marketing platforms. Stephen thrives on empowering businesses and helping them succeed.

When he is not helping the online business world be a better place, Stephen revels in his passion for all things motorsport and bourbon.

Liza Beth Rumery 300x300
Liza Rumery
Copywriting and Marketing

Liza is a lifelong writer and wordsmith; she can take an idea and run with it. Empathy and compassion underscore her ability to interpret and write for a particular audience. She specializes in creating content with specific goals and conversions in mind. She loves to empower people and help them thrive.

When she is not writing content, Liza is cooking, studying languages or food and wine history, in the gym, reading, or listening to music.

Let’s brainstorm about you and your business and where you want to be. We can implement creative solutions with modern technology. At Rumspeed, it’s about doing more with less.