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It is World Cup season and I am reminded of some things.

In my soccer days, my games were played as a defender. It was befitting as I like to protect and secure, cover all of the bases, not let issues slip by me.

It was my job to protect the post. I’ve watched many World Cup matches this year, and there have been several upsets. Often, it has been because a defender had not covered the post, leaving the goal wide open for a striker to launch one into the net, or for a header off of a corner kick to find its way past the keeper. As one analyst said, it’s the World Cup: Details matter. When you don’t defend the post, someone will find a way in.

It got me thinking: I feel this way about hosting. Web hosting is a fundamental part of the Internet, yet it often is taken for granted. Managed hosting is an attention-to-detail process; details matter. It can make or break your website, and, thus, your business and workflow. Few find web hosting fun, but we do. At Rumspeed, we enjoy a challenge and relish in making processes squeaky clean and secure.

Our job is to keep an eye on your online assets, to defend and protect. We understand what our role is and we’re really good at it. We are very focued.

We back up our hosted sites on high-capacity, sparsely-populated, WordPress-optimized servers, which are specialized for the environment that your website was created for, so it’s reliable. If something does go wrong, we will restore it quickly, so you can run your business, not an IT department.

We offer several hosting packages. Fundamentally, we include in all packages stunning speed, security monitoring, off-site backups x2, discount restore, and standard support. Want more? Check out our premium package.

We continue to improve our infrastructure as the Internet evolves. Our custom tools proactively scan data points on your domain name to make sure everything remains in order and that there are no gaps in protection.

Our job is to make yours easier. The old defender in me is protecting the post.

We are our partners on the Internet. We’ve got your back.

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Scot Rumery

Business advisor, database engineer and web developer specializing in technology implementation.

I have always been interested in how things work. I’m excited about making things better and I am deeply interested in the process, taking the time to understand why and how, listening and learning. Why is something set up a certain way and what makes it work? How can we make it better?

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