Launching a new website is an exciting time for any company. It feels great to have a fresh, new website to compliment your products and services. You feel rejuvenated about your business, and now you feel even stronger about your future. You share it with your immediate network, sending page links to customers and prospects to showcase what you do. New content ideas abound and you envision all that you are going to publish … and EARN! But then, as time goes by and your business beckons, your fresh, new website seems more like a burden to maintain, because you can’t remember exactly how to post, publish or insert an enticing photo, or you just can’t find the time.

The problem with managing website content

Often, many customers opt out of a content management service plan, because they think they can save money by editing and publishing themselves. But they soon realize that managing their business, while trying to manage AND maintain their website, can be challenging. There goes that warm, fuzzy feeling about your brand new website, as well as the time and money invested, and that great online first impression you were shooting for. Your website isn’t what you thought it would be or do for you. In this case, no one succeeds — not the business, not the client, nor those who built your website.

Help is on the way

It’s called Publishing Support. It’s a service platform that takes the pain out of managing your website. Just send us an email with your request and we’ll quickly update your website. We want to provide assistance throughout our partnership. Essentially, our hosted websites deliver custom software tools that we use to monitor, maintain and support your business online. Rumspeed wasn’t satisfied just delivering a great looking, goal-oriented website, then simply handing over the virtual keys, never to be heard from again. We are always thinking further down the line, considering what would help our clients succeed by ensuring that their website would be used to its fullest potential. We deliver a fast and effective website that looks great AND we publish content for you so you can focus on running your business.

We make it better

We knew there was a better way to provide ongoing support for our customers, but we needed to build appropriate cost-effective and efficient tools in order to do so. For example, we built and utilize tools that allow our customers to easily edit their own content. It’s one of our most requested features and we believe no website should be delivered without it.

Like anything else we use inconsistently, we can become rusty at managing our websites: logging in becomes a daunting task; creating a new blog post hurts your head, because now you have writer’s block; you cannot remember how to upload an image, crop it to fit and insert it; you can’t remember the difference between setting a category and creating tags; and you are unsure whether you should use a post or a page. We can become lost in the details of publishing, and then our online first impression is lost in the details of trying to do everything ourselves.

Setting you up for success

Consumers are researching products and services and vetting companies within seconds by their online experience with your website. They’ll easily pass you by if a competitor’s site it better. It might be happening to you already, you just can’t see it directly. That’s why our Publishing Support service exists, to alleviate frustration and help you succeed online by managing your website, so that you can run your business. We understood, we listened and we created the necessary resources to keep your online presence up-to-date and interesting.

Our support plans include editing and publishing content. Just send us the information and let us take care of all that stuff for you! If we see that nothing has been published after a little while, we’ll contact you about getting something new. You may receive an email or a phone call from us to keep your site fresh. Really! We want to be your partners on the Internet and this is one way we achieve this and help in your success.

Don’t miss out! Let us improve your online first impression. Together, we will make it better over time.

We built the Publishing Support service for you!

Website Design and Publishing Support

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Scot Rumery

Business advisor, database engineer and web developer specializing in technology implementation.

I have always been interested in how things work. I’m excited about making things better and I am deeply interested in the process, taking the time to understand why and how, listening and learning. Why is something set up a certain way and what makes it work? How can we make it better?

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