We’re not going to make our customers pay for any of our inefficiencies

This is a brilliant interview with Jeff Bezos. Once I started watching it, I couldn’t stop. Jeff in an amazing visionary, leader and communicator. There are several great Jeff Bezos quotes out there, but this one is my favorite:

Our profitability is not our customers problem…

We’re not going to make our customers
pay for any of our inefficiencies.

–Jeff Bezos

At Rumspeed, this is a philosophy we believe in, and it’s built into our business model. There are always learning points when building great products or delivering great service. However, you can’t make your customers pay for that process. Charge for what it’s worth and build trust along the way. You will come out ahead, and, most importantly, your customers will believe in you because you took care of them first.

The quote is around 22:45 but the entire video is worth watching. Watch it and tell us what you think.

What is your favorite Jeff Bezos quote?

I originally watched the video on Amazon: Founder Jeff Bezos discusses the All-New Kindle
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