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Travel Web Design

We invite you to view our newly redesigned travel web site. We've been writing and publishing actively on this site for one year now and, as it grows, so do our ideas. This new design will allow us to display our articles, photos and maps with more creativity and depth. The layouts are sleek, photos are vibrant and the overall site is sophisticated and easy to use.

Focused Content

There are four specific content areas where articles are organized: Essays, Destinations, Trip Notes and Gear. Each section has a list of articles that are simply an image thumbnail.

Destination Map

Each destination is automatically marked on a map for location reference. This eliminates the extra step to manage a map manually, making it not only visually appealing, but also a huge time saver. Let's face it: What would a travel web site be without a cool map anyway?

Modern Web Design

The new site is built using our updated web site framework for increased flexibility and improved design layouts, with larger fonts, images and greater separation of content. Displaying full width images inline with article content makes it more engaging.

Liza from Life Untethered Says

I think our new site is prettier than ever. I love the ability to make images super-sized and that thumbnail images on the main pages offer another way to engage readers. My food and our travels look amazing! I think this is an awesome travel web site.

Liza Rumery

Technology Used

  • WordPress
  • Google Maps

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