Mobile Home Community Website

Mobile Home Community Website

Aside from the standard website setup with pages and blog posts, Sunshine Village needed a way to manage their home inventory internally and provide that content on the website publicly. They wanted to be able to maintain the content themselves and not have to call and pay someone to do it for them each time. To pull this off, we needed to create a data entry page that was easy to use, as well as design templates that take care of all the data formatting on the website.

We built a new content area for homes and added specific data fields to store the attributes of each home. Adding the data fields on the back end made it easy for them to enter the content. We even created a training video that is displayed on the dashboard for reference anytime they need help. Self service. Problem one solved.

On the front end of the site, we built two layout templates, one that displays the list of available homes, and another that displays the details of each home. Now they no longer have to mess with HTML or any other formatting tasks. Just enter the data and publish. Problem two solved.

Once a new home is published on the back end of the site, it is added automatically to the property list on the front end of the website. From there, when the property is clicked, the home details are displayed by using the pre-designed layout.

We incorporated conditional logic into the layout, so if any of the data fields are empty, the label does not display with an empty data field. These layouts are intuitive and designed to showcase the property.

The outcome if this project is a system that gives our client an easy way to manage their content and publish it on their own. Now with the layout template specifically designed for their company, every home on the site looks great.

Technology Used

  • WordPress
  • Custom Content Type
  • Layout Templates

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