Artist member directory

Project Overview

Signature is a juried co-operative of professional artists and craftsmen and women founded in 1981. To showcase their members, Rumspeed applied its Core Member Directory System to create Signature's Artist Member Directory website and added custom fields to provide a solution that fit its needs. An Events Calendar is integrated into the member pages as well. These two main site features work together to deliver an application that promotes members and their artwork.

Artist Member Directory

Artists are displayed in a Member Directory and also can be found by category, which is standard setup at Rumspeed, but we didn't stop there. Each member has the ability to edit the details of his or her profile page, including a unique photo gallery and upcoming events. An artist profile page includes the following:

  • artist profile image, contact information and bio
  • featured artwork gallery
  • upcoming events specific to each artist
  • Facebook feed displays recent posts
  • interactive map for artist location
  • links to social profiles


Events Calendar

Signature artists have many events and exhibits going on all the time. Our calendar allows each member to enter his or her own event, which is displayed on each artist's personal profile page. All events are rolled up into one master calendar, where events are displayed in different views, including month, list, map and photo formats. This provides a dynamic view of artist events and empowers Signature members to manage them.

A Few More Things

In addition to editing their own profile and managing events, members have access to a menu, which provides them with member-only content. This area is used to display notices, meeting dates and videos for members only to help them manage their content. A few months after this site launched, we added a nifty little feature called Discover Artwork that pulls one image from each member's gallery and displays it on a page.

Technology Used

  • WordPress
  • Rumspeed Member Directory

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