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Portobello Road is a lifestyle furniture boutique in Grand Rapids, MI. The owner, Rene Growney, hoped to design a website with beautiful imagery and detail that would entice people to visit the store or contact her directly for product requests. We created a photo-intense, portfolio-laden website to let the furniture speak for itself.

We set up a portfolio to showcase furnishings room by room, which is the most popular way her visitors browse the site. Since Portobello Road is able to obtain any item from its furnishing-line vendors, we created a portfolio for each one, highlighting the depth of the selection. In turn, this encourages the visitor to peruse vendor websites in order to browse complete selections. Finally, we established a blog to promote new items in the store, as well as fresh ideas on room decorations and arrangements.

Rene knows her market and how to reach them, so designing a website to capture her vision was a great business experience.

Technology Used

  • WordPress

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