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We originally built this website for Portobello Road back in 2012. It has received improvements over the years to update product lines and photos, and to keep it looking modern.

We were recently asked if it was possible to add a "request a quote" feature to the website. Basically like eCommerce, but set up with products instead of buy buttons and a shopping cart, the call to action is to request a quote. The prices will be listed along with a sale price.

For Portobello Road, it is a way to provide an “Estate Sale” for items they need to move. The “Inquire Now” buttons are a way to connect with interested buyers and continue the sale offline. Most of these products require logistics for either pickup or local delivery. This system simplifies the eCommerce and shipping complications that some companies just don’t need. It also allows them to continue the conversation and move the products.

Technology Used

  • WordPress

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