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Website objective

Kalamazoo Valley District Dental Society is an organization with over 225 members throughout southwest Michigan. One of the KVDDS member benefits is having a public profile on the website. We built a Find a Dentist search form to query the business member directory database of member dental health professionals to find the best practitioners in the region. This site has many member-only features that can be found in the member area of the website. These member-based features have increased the value of membership, which improved member acquisition and member retention. It has proven to be a great asset to KVDDS.

Business Member Directory

KVDDS members are displayed in the general Find A Dentist Directory and also can be found by specialty. Each member has the ability to edit the details of his or her profile page. The member profile page includes the following:

  • profile photo
  • contact information and bio
  • dental school information
  • business address
  • website and email links

Members can see more detail about each profile that is not open to the public.

Find a dentist

This feature was added for community members to search for dental health professionals to find the best practitioners in the region. A search can be done by name, city or zip code. Once in the search area, you can also locate a member based on their specialty. Members that are logged in can see further details that are not available to the public. That is another member benefit provided by KVDDS.

Events calendar

Members can view a calender of events where board meetings, general membership gathering and other related events are published. Each event can be added to Google Calendar or iCal with a click of a button. This is a member benefit provided by KVDDS.

A few more things

In addition to editing their own profiles and viewing events, members have access to a menu, which provides them with member-only content. This area is used to display further detail about each member and access to a member-only blog. Several other private informational pages are published for members as well.

The website administrator has the ability to export the business member directory into a comma delimited file for further distribution to KVDDS members. This is also used for mailings and other initiatives.

Each member can be assigned to a group, or multiple groups. From there, the site administrator can send email notifications to specific groups.

Technology Used

  • WordPress

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