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Hospice Web Design

We worked with Wings of Hope Hospice on a previous web project a few years ago and were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them again. WOHH is a very professional, forward thinking organization working directly with the community. They were looking for someone they could trust and we are honored they chose to work with us.

When we were approached with a laundry list of items that they wanted to address, we stepped through them one at a time. Some items just needed clarification and others were tied to an outdated design and content that needed to be reviewed and organized. The bottom line was that their website was not well-suited for their existing digital marketing efforts.

Web Design

We took a fresh approach to display their services on the homepage with large images to help people quickly find what they are looking for; We wanted the web site to identify with the site visitor and their needs. Each service has an image banner to visually connect with the visitor on an emotional level and confirm with them that they are in the right place.

The blog is simply beautiful. The content was already well written, but needed images to help convey the emotion of each story. The list of articles has an image for each post, along with an excerpt for the post. When a post is selected, the image is displayed at the top behind the article title and author information. Each post should allow the reader to do something next, so each post has a call-to-action, taking the visitor to a related service for more information. This is part of the overall conversion strategy for the site.

We applied similar treatment to displaying events. Images help visually locate an event and, with consistent display of information, they are better organized.

Organized Content

An important part of any web site redesign is organizing content. All page content was reviewed, analyzed and prioritized. We usually pull more content than we add. We trimmed around 25% of the total number of pages and reduced the content on each page by a similar number. A few services have sub-menus to reduce clutter in the main navigation, while making it easy to continue reading within each service section.

The content is meant to educate site visitors about services and provide a method for them to reach out and connect with a WOHH staff member, someone who can help them and their family.

Online Donations

The entire web site is encrypted so you'll see the green lock and HTTPS on every single page. We did this for a number of reasons, but what is relevant here is to accept online donations directly on the web site. This increases trust and reduces "abandon carts" -- that is, people with intent to donate, but who do not complete the process because of confusing redirects and too many steps. The donation form has been optimized to reduce abandon carts by accepting donations directly on the page with very few steps.

Technology Used

  • WordPress

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