Club Membership Web Design

Club Membership Web Design

With the Allegan County Snowmobile Club being a member based organization, member acquisition and member retention are vital to club growth. A well designed web site will increase member acquisition and our communication tools help with member retention. A full featured events calendar improves the display of your activities and help improve event turn out. The new club membership web design reinforces the ACSC brand while promoting members and member involvement.

Club Membership

We built a custom membership signup form with an online payments gateway through PayPal. Recurring membership payments are set for annual renewal to improve member retention and reduce administration time. There is a member dashboard for access to member only content as well as an area to update the member profile contact information.

Calendar of Events

A huge requirement from the club was to create and manage events with ease. Not only are events easy to manage, the pages we display them on are smart enough to drop past events so there is no need to touch an event twice. Just publish and the system maintains itself. The event system handles recurring events and even saves venues and organizers. Displaying events can be done in a month-at-a-glance format as well as list form, by featured image or even by location on a map. Pretty slick. The full featured events calendar improves the display of activities and helps improve event turn out.

Communication Tools

Communicating with members is obviously important so we built in email delivery system that is directly connected to the member database. No more BCC’ing everyone and updating your manual list. Modern communication with members is helping their mission to promote the sport of snowmobiling.

Sponsor Page

One of the club membership tiers is Commercial. Included in this tier is an ad that is publicly displayed on the sponsor page. All commercial members are automatically pulled into this group and displayed on the site. We added a custom field for a sponsor image that is used to upload a scanned image of their business card. It works exactly like they envisioned and helps with member retention.

Trail Report

This custom page is used to communicate the current trail conditions for the trails they maintain. It is easily updated by the club staff. We're also pulling in local weather information automatically on the page so the staff doesn't have to mess with it. It changes automatically.

Area Information

This map was built to display local hotels and retail outlets relevant to club members and their interests.

Technology Used

  • WordPress
  • Rumspeed Membership

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