campground web design

Campground Web Design

This web site needed an overhaul. Randy, the owner of Playful Goose Campground, needed help and didn't know where to turn. He had lots of questions about how it all worked so that he could understand the process better in order to make an informed decision. This was very important to him and he didn't want more than he needed. He wanted to make sure it was a good fit. We worked with Randy to answer his questions and educate him about the process. Once we received the go-ahead, we were excited to build a great site for Randy and his campground.

This new and vibrant website evokes the sincerity of the campground owner. Randy gave us a great narrative of his campground that led us in a great direction. It showcases the beauty and allure of camping in Wisconsin. It's fun to work with someone so passionate about bringing a great experience to his campground visitors.


Every page has a call-to-action (CTA) that takes site visitors to a page where they can make a reservation. So, no matter what page you are on, it will take you to the reservation form. Also, the phone number is predominantly displayed at the top of the web site. If you press it on your mobile phone, it will call the number. This is great, because lots of people look up the web site just to get the phone number. We want to make this easy for them.

Online Reservation Form

The reservation form is built to give Randy and his staff the information they need to properly communicate with a prospective camper. There are lots of variations in the types and sizes of tents and RVs that people bring into a campground, and the form helps match visiting campers with an appropriate space. The form on the last web site wasn't working and was a real pain point for them. We not only fixed it, but we made it better.

Randy from Playful Goose Says

The web site now works like it should. We receive many more reservation requests than with our previous web site. It’s great to have it working like it should with current and accurate information.

Technology Used

  • WordPress

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