How does your site stack up to the modern web?

Do you feel like your site might need a redesign, but you’re not quite ready? This report will give you the answers.

Included With Your Report

We’ll take a look at your existing site, server and domain details and compile a custom report that is unique to your business and your goals.

  • Review content
  • Analyze site navigation
  • Image size and quality
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Review site speed
  • Score Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Conversion strategy

The report cost of $250 can be deducted from a site redesign if you decide to modernize your web site.

Here's What We Analyze

Review Page Content

Is your content easy to read and understand? It is being targeted to the right audience?

Conversion Strategy

Having a call-to-action on every page is important for allowing your visitors to do something next.

Site Navigation

Complicated menu items can confuse site visitors and cause them to “bounce” and leave your site early.

Image Size and Quality

Improperly sized images can cause your site to slow down, while images that are too small will not improve conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Title, image and meta tags are important for SEO. We’ll inspect them closely to look for missing or improperly optimized tags.

Server & Site Speed

Speed is an important factor for search ranking. We’ll look at your site host and run page speed tests.

Mobile-Friendly Design

We’ll score your overall site design and note what has to be completed in order to achieve a high score from Google.

Domain Details

Your domain could be registered with one company, hosted with another and Name Servers with a third company.

Before We Dig In and Get Started

Your Business

First, we'll learn about your business and document your visitor profiles. Becoming familiar with your business and your customers are vital to the success of the report.

Your Goals

An outline of your goals will help us measure the performance of your site. We'll outline what is important to you so we can document the report and measure success.

Your website is an investment.

Let's make sure it is set up to work for you.