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Client:Wrobel Accounting
Date:May 06, 2012

Wrobel Accounting

The folks at Wrobel Accounting needed a fresh new look to compliment their growing business. Their existing website was up-to-date with new information, and it even contained online forms with conversion buttons. They were doing the right stuff to keep up with technology, trends and consumers. Eventually, however, making modern changes to a structurally antiquated and disorganized website made the homepage look cluttered, out of sync and difficult to read. They needed a new design and they knew it.

Because customers use websites for vetting businesses, we modernized and organized Wrobel Accounting’s site with a new look and precise information. We analyzed their existing content, online forms and conversion buttons, and developed an infrastructure that was well designed and easy to maintain. We replaced third party conversion forms — which steered visitors away from their site — with new ones built within the website. We also established a blog for disseminating information.

It was a pleasure working with Wrobel Accounting, whose clear vision enabled a successful jump into modern online technology with an informative and organized website.

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