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Client:Clearmint Creative
Date:August 31, 2012

Clearmint Creative

Clearmint Creative is a dynamic, multi-faceted organization offering several business service lines, including graphic design, marketing communication and brand strategy. They also offer personal solutions by creating unique custom artwork for many of life’s special occasions.

As a design company, Clearmint needed an online presence that well-represented their brand and easily communicated what they do. In order to do that, we worked together on page styling and layout options. Once that was set, they created the images, which were placed onto the page along with the copy.

As we tweaked the business pages for the website, the custom artwork application was developed in parallel. With this custom eCommerce solution, the consumer is able to customize artwork with their own words and photos, which truly captures the moment and preserve it forever. If you are looking for unique artwork with a modern style for your home or as a gift, Clearmint Creative is our source. You won’t find it anywhere else.

We are very happy with the outcome and proud of this website. The result is a showcase based on a great collaboration between Clearmint Creative and Rumspeed. Take a few minutes and see for yourself.

Project highlights include:
– complete business marketing website
– custom application for ordering unique personal artwork
– integrated payment gateway for capturing payments on the page
– responsive design works well on modern connected devices

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